Soundcloud Saturday- 12/24/16

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! This is a new bi-weekly segment I decided to add to my blog. I’m on soundcloud ALOT, it’s where I find most of my music. So every other saturday, starting today, I will post my top 5 soundcloud finds of the current week. These songs range from a variety of genres, including rap, r&b, etc. The songs aren’t always “soundcloud” tracks, just songs I first discover through soundcloud. Without further ado, let’s get to the tracks. 

5. Kaleb Mitchell//Slaughter ft. Adrian Stresow

What caught my attention with this song was Kaleb’s ability to rap over a trap/hype beat with a monotone flow, and make it sound flawless. Adrian Stresow also added his own style to the track with his unique flow.


4.  IshDARR//Second [remix]

I’ve been listening to IshDARR for a while now, but I’ve never heard this track. Right from the first second, the track takes off, with IshDARR rapping on an ongoing 90’s type beat. It catches you off guard; in a good way, of course.


3. ELHAE// 1/2 [Ballad]

This track is made for the lovesick, and if you weren’t lovesick before this song, afterwards it WILL have you calling your ex asking for a second chance. Overall, ELHAE’s smooth voice flows perfectly with the piano, and makes for a perfect breakup song.


2. Obie Iyoha//Whatchu Gon’ Do Now..?

This one took me by surprise, big time. The artist, Obie Iyoha, has a little over 600 followers on soundcloud, with a masterpiece on his hands. The way he raps blends perfectly with the 90’s- esque instrumental, and the hook, “whatchu gon do now?” Is the icing on the cake.

1. Eryn Allen Kane//Have Mercy


If you have a special appreciation for true vocalists like I do, you will fall in love with this track. I’ve never heard of Kane, but now I am definetly a fan. The only way to get an image of this song is to listen to it for yourself. Just beautiful. 



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