Is Kendrick Dissing Big Sean? 

Kendrick is back only a week after releasing “The Heart Part 4” with some new heat. And people are claiming that  both of the tracks are shots towards rapper Big Sean. 

The new track, titled “Humble.” -which was released along with the music video- , is a satirical masterpiece shedding light on arrogance in the rap industry.

People are coming to believe that Lamar called out Twenty88 (Big sean’s collaborative group with Jhené Aiko) with the line “If I kill a nigga, it wont be the alcohol, I’m the realest nigga after all.” 

This was referring to Twenty88’s song “I know” which has the line “Blame it on the alcohol,  or blame it on sativa.” 

Other elements in the song that may have been shots at Sean included Kendrick’s use of the ad-lib, “lil bitch” in the chorus, which is one of Sean’s most popularly used ad-libs in his music. 

The icing on the cake, however, was a tweet from Dave Free- the president of Kendrick’s record label TDE- that read: “No interview.” He tweeted this after the release of Kendrick’s new track. 

This MAY be referring to Big sean’s song “No more interviews” which was the famous song accused of dissing Kendrick  back in 2016. But this is just a speculation.
Watch the music video for “Humble.” Here:


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