5 Debut Albums you should have in your life 

If you’re in any way familiar with my taste in music, these 5 projects won’t be of any surprise to you. These 5 bodies of work are the first studio albums of the artists, and they need to be heard by the world.

1. At What Cost- Goldlink 

Via Twitter 

This is the DC rappers debut studio album, and, in my opinion, his best work to date. The “house” inspired production mixed with his eccentric rapping style makes the project one of its own kind.

2. American Teen- Khalid 

Via Twitter 

At 19, Khalid has his life set. Even though this is Khalids first album, it has gained attention from many celebrities. It debuted at #4 on the iTunes charts. 

3. Nu Religion(Hyena)- THEY.

Via Twitter 

The up-and-coming duo released “Nu Religion-Hyena”  and took the world by storm with their unique sound. THEY. mixes traditional trap beats with guitar and raspy vocals to create a sound like no other.

4. SweetSexySavage

Via Twitter 

If you don’t already know who Kehlani is, this project is amazing at describing the songstress’ character, personality, and spirit. After a few listens, you will be able to identify each track as either “sweet”, “sexy”, “savage”, or just all three.

5. NAV- Nav 

Via Twitter 

A few may be familiar with Nav and his previous work, including feature with Travis Scott on “Beibs in the trap,”but in his Self titled album, “NAV” he holds his own, without the help of big rap stars. The Toronto rapper discusses subjects including his newfound success, sobriety(or lack thereof), and his past. 

If you haven’t heard any of these projects, I suggest you get your earplugs ready, and prepare yourself for some good music.


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