13 reasons why you should watch “The Get Down”

See what I did there? Hehehehe. 

“The Get Down” is a Netflix original musical drama set in late-1970’s Bronx, New York, and centers around a group of teenage boys who are introduced to the first sounds of a new genre; Hip-Hop.

The main character, Ezekiel Figuero, is a half-Puerto-Rican-half-black high school senior trying to figure out what to do with his life: go to college and make his Tía proud, or take part in the the hip hop revolution.

Now, that we’ve gotten the plot out of the way, let’s get to the 13 reasons why you should watch The Get Down.

1.Young people are in the forefront-

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I asked my mother why she doesn’t watch The Get Down, to which she replied, “It’s about kids; it doesn’t relate to me.”

I understood her point to an extent, but I explained to her that this should be a reason you should  watch the show. Just because a program shows teens in the spotlight, doesn’t automatically categorize it as a “Teen Drama.” The Get Down is definetly not that. The protagonist deals with complex issues on a daily basis, and the plot as a whole is more multifaceted than one may think.

2. You get a first look at the death of disco

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 3.It represents black and hispanic culture in a positive (and rarely negative) light. 

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I love this show so much, mainly because the emense amount of love shown between the main character and his friends. Not only that, this diverse group of friends took up music, instead of falling victim to crime; something that was very prevalent in the Bronx. 

4. The Kipling brothers 

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The Get Down wouldn’t be The Get Down without Ra-Ra, Dizzie, and Boo Boo Kipling, friends of main character Zeke. From Dizzie’s “new world” ideals, Ra-Ra’s obsession with star wars, and Boo Boo’s undying love for trouble, the rag-tag sibling trio is a big factor in what makes the show so great. 

5.The casting is phenomenal. The actors and actresses really become their character. 

6. The Get Down is telling a story not successfully told in mainstream media. 

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Even though the show is made up of fictional storylines, it sheds light on real events in hip hop history too, and it also incorporates real hip hop figures. There is an infinite amount of Netflix documentaries on hip hop culture, but it was a breathe of fresh air to see it tackled in this way. 

7. It is a comedy, romance, drama, and musical all wrapped into one. (That makes for multiple nominations in a variety categories for any television awards ceremony)

Ps: @TheAcademy-answer my emails please

8.The music is amazing. 

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When I say amazing, I mean like, AMAZING. When you hear the original songs performed By “Mylene and the soul Madonnas,”or the bars spit by “The Get Down Brothers,” it sounds like something that really should have been on the radio in the late 70’s. The Get Down is all about accuracy when creating its music. 

9. Every fight or cinematic chase scene reminds me of Black Caesar-

 -or any black movie from the 70’s (but mostly Black Caesar)

10. The cast is actually young in real life

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If I know anything about television, I know that casting a 32 year old as a 18 year old is nine-times-out-of-ten destined for disaster. I have a personal respect for programs that cast people who are the same age, or at least close to the age of the character. Having young adults play actual young adults helps with the shows authenticity-which is something I couldn’t help but notice while watching.

11. Cadillac’s smooth dance moves and groovy persona leaves many wondering if Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (actor who plays the role of Cadillac) was born in the right time. 

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12. The wardrobe will inspire you to voluntarily wear bell bottoms in public. Like, in FRONT of people. 

I didn’t know I wanted to own a pair of red pumas so bad until after watching the first part of The Get Down. I wanted to be Shaolin Fantastic. The show did a phenomenal job of capturing the greatness that is 70’s fashion. 

13.  If you don’t watch, The Get Down may not get a chance to continue its compelling story.

So, if many do not know already, The Get Down has yet to be renewed for a second season. But don’t be too alarmed-That doesn’t ultimately mean the show is going to be cancelled. But lots are confused if the show will continue or not. What I DO know is that Baz Lurhman, director and showrunner of part I and part II, most likely won’t be returning as director nor showrunner for season two. That is, if a season two even happens. The Get Down isn’t flawless. Some elements of the show didn’t resonate with everybody. Not everybody is supposed to love a show for it to be great. If you don’t want to watch, then don’t. But If you do, watch it, and then let the people that didnt watch, know why they’re missing out on greatness.

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