Everyday Struggle is Saving Hip Hop

In Hip Hop, one of the biggest ongoing debates is if the new generation of hip hop artists and curators are upholding the genre to its highest standard. And the two biggest demographics to butt heads over this issue are the millennials, and the “Old Heads.”

 Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” is brocasting this long-debated issue on the small screen, for the entire world to witness.

The first episode of “Everyday Struggle” premiered April 10th, 2017, and it was then everybody realized what was missing in the music world. 

Former Slaughterhouse rapper and hip hop veteran, Joe budden, co-hosts alongside internet personality, Dj Akademics. The episodes are moderated by complex news anchor, Nadeska Alexis.

 Each episode the trio tackle a variety of topics in hip hop including rap beefs, album releases, and viral trends in hip hop culture. 

At first glance, one may see an everyday hip-hop talk show/ Video cast, but the one thing that sets Everyday Struggle different from the rest is the debating dynamic that the show seems to promote. Look at the show’s poster for example. 

via google

Budden and Akademics are in boxing gloves, which suggests a boxing match; i.e. the debate. This doesn’t mean that the two never agree on things, but the pair’s strong personalities make for great dialogue. 

Alexis acts as the glue, and brings everything together when the debate gets too heated. The phrase, “Back to you, Nadeska” was coined by Budden, and the viewers even took it upon themselves to make t-shirts. 

Via YouTube 

(Unfortunately, Joe didn’t get memo that Nadeska is spelled with an ‘a’, not an ‘e.’)

Just recently, Everyday Struggle began inviting on guests, including Lil Yachty, SZA, and Joey Bada$$. They provided their opinion on the topics brought up in the episode… even if Joe didn’t agree with said opinions. 

via tenor.com 

Everyday Struggle is on its way to being a top-tier hip hop source and talk show, alongside The breakfast club, Hot 97, and Sway in the morning. It seems everyone is curious to see what the show can become. 

Watch the latest episodes of Everyday Struggle here, Mondays through Friday: 



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